Fitness Advantage Discounts

Fitness Advantage Discounts

Fitness Advantage Discounts

Benefit Overview


To look up health clubs go to:  (Enter password “F1T”)

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Fitness Advantage Discounts FAQs

Q. What “rate” will I receive with this benefit?

A. The Fitness Advantage benefit contracts with quality health and fitness clubs that vary greatly in size, amenities offered and facilities available. To this end, it is impossible to set one rate for every club. Participating health clubs will offer their “lowest membership rate, for the type of membership selected.” Many clubs offer a variety of memberships (i.e., Aerobics Only, Fitness Room Only or a Full Facility Membership) therefore Fitness Advantage members receive the lowest rate for whichever membership they have selected.

Q. How does this benefit work?

A. To take advantage of the benefit you should:

  1. Visit the member services website or call the toll-free number located on the back of the membership card to locate a participating facility and receive a voucher.
  2. Call the health club and speak with someone in the membership department. Schedule a time to tour the facility and utilize the voucher for a one-week free membership. Present the membership card and the voucher at the time of the visit.
  3. Discuss what the lowest membership rate would be for the type of membership selected with the health club’s membership department.

Q. How do I get a voucher for a free week trial membership?

A. The voucher is available online at the website address located in the membership kit. Simply print the voucher and present it to the fitness facility to receive a one week free trial. If you do not have access to the Internet, call the toll-free number on the back of the membership card and reference Fitness Advantage to receive the voucher by mail.

Q. May I use this benefit in conjunction with my existing club membership?

A. The “lowest membership rate for the type of membership selected” may only be offered to new members joining the club. If you already belong to a facility and have a contract with a participating club, contact someone in the health club’s membership office to see if the Fitness Advantage rate will apply.

Q. Do all facilities within a national chain participate in the network?

A. Some club chains, such as Youfit, are enrolled in the network on a national level, meaning that every club that bears this name is a network club.  However, there are some club chains, such as Curvesthat enroll in the network on a club-by-club basis.   These clubs are independently owned and operated, and can therefore choose whether or not they would like to participate.  Please use the online search engine to make sure that a club near you is part of the network.

Q. What if I can’t find a gym in my area?

A.Members should visit the website to access the health club database or call the toll-free number on the membership card and speak with a member services representative to locate a club. If you are still unable to find a club in your area, members may nominate a health club to join the network. Simply fill out the “Refer a Club” form online or call the customer service number and speak with a representative. Nominated clubs are invited to join network without obligation.

Q. My gym didn’t know about the program but they are listed as a member club. What do I do?

A.The Fitness Advantage benefit works with over 13,500 health clubs worldwide – health clubs have a large ever-changing staff; therefore there will be an occasion when one club representative doesn’t know about their club’s participation in the network. If this happens, speak with someone in the health club’s membership department and mention that you have the Fitness Advantage benefit through Preventure. If they are unclear as to their participation, please call the toll-free number on the back of the membership card and speak with a representative.

Q. May my wife/husband join the club with me?

A.Fitness Advantage is extended to members and their immediate family. Immediate family members are defined by the individual club.

Q.What do the clubs have to do to belong to the program?

A.Fitness Advantage is a free and voluntary program for clubs to join. Every participating club signs a contract stating they will:

  1. Offer their “lowest membership rate for the type of membership selected”
  2. Offer a 1 week free trial membership (subject to space availability)
  3. Abide by the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) and International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s (IHRSA) Health and Safety standards

Q. I’m not ready to join a gym but I would like to start exercising and take better care of myself. Does Fitness Advantage offer anything for me?

A. Yes, Fitness Advantage also offers discounts on wellness items, online workout programs, and fitness equipment from barre3, Daily Burn, TRX Training, Sears, and 2nd Wind. Information about each offer is available on the website.