ID Sanctuary

ID Sanctuary

Identity Theft Protection

ID Theft Monitoring & Resolution Services with ID Sanctuary  (powered by IDT911)

Thieves want to steal your identity. Don’t let them get away with it! Our Identity Theft Protection Service provides the proactive tools and recovery assistance you need to quickly respond to an identity or fraud crisis. You can rely on immediate, personalized attention from a fraud specialist whenever you need it. Fraud specialists are armed with the knowledge to help reduce the risk of identity theft and provide unlimited resolution assistance should you fall victim—giving you emotional support and peace of mind.

This benefit includes comprehensive monitoring and resolution services as well as reimbursement for lost wages and other expenses incurred while restoring your identity, and can even help resolve “pre-existing” ID theft that was undiscovered before joining the program, if reported within 90 days of discovery.

Identity Management and Resolutions Services

Expert Consultation and Guidance 24/7:

  • Includes step-by-step assistance with credit counseling, restoration strategies, credit report analysis and tax planning, all of which may have been affected by identity theft.
  • Free Initial Legal Consultation: Includes $1000 in attorney fees
  • Lost Wallet Service and Document Replacement: Fraud Resolution Specialists can assist members with canceling credit cards, bank accounts, having new cards issued and placing fraud alerts with credit reporting agencies.  This includes documents such as Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports and driver’s licenses that are lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Comprehensive Identity Management Services and Support

Personal Resolution Expert:

  • You have one single point of contact who works with you throughout the process

Identity Monitoring
Fully Integrated Platform: Fraud and Credit Monitoring service detects potential fraud by monitoring a full-range of credit and non-credit information used to commit fraud. It scours public and private databases, social media channels and the Internet black market for the presence and possible misuse of customer identities and credit data.

Easy-to-Use Customer Portal: Provides at-a-glance view of daily activities, including credit score, credit report and alert summaries

Concierge Resolution Service 24/7: Support and remediation always available

Flexible Product Configuration: Allows clients to select specific areas of focus, i.e., credit card, bank account, investment account, etc. they want monitored

Identity Theft Reimbursement Coverage

ID theft insurance covers lost wages, personal expenses, travel expenses, childcare and eldercare expenses up to $25,000.

Includes pre-existing ID theft if it had not been discovered prior to registration!