About lifePERX

About lifePERX

Lifestyle, Safety & Security Benefits
Superior Products and Services at Incredible Discounts

Today, consumers are seeking innovative ways to save money on
commonly used products and services without sacrificing quality.

LifePERX has a solution

LifePERX is a benefit company that works with top tier provider networks. We package a variety of lifestyle, safety and security products and services for our clients, which are typically included as part of their voluntary benefit selections.

Our value proposition is very simple

We package high value benefits for large groups, associations, unions, municipalities, schools and other organizations. We leverage that volume to get the best possible pricing and pass it on to the consumer. Because of our volume, we can customize benefit packages to fit our clients’ needs (regardless of their size) and offer them at the lowest pricing in the marketplace.

Our most popular benefits include Identity Theft Protection, Legal Services, the Tax Help Line, Pet Care, Emergency Roadside Assistance and Fitness Club discounts.

As a Member, you will have access to all of your benefits through your own Member Portal.