I called to have someone review a contract which I’d never had to do before. Within 30 minutes, I was talking to a lawyer who had expertise in my area of concern.  Over the next few days, we talked through my concerns and she gave me advice for moving forward. Not only did I get part of the service for free, I paid a discounted rate on the rest. It was just great to have someone to call and quickly get the right lawyer for my question!

Heidi from TX

I didn’t know I had hired a bad tax guy until the IRS contacted me 2 years later telling me I owed money!  At that point, I wanted a refund of my tax preparation fees.  So, I wrote 3 letters requesting my money back and received NO response.  At some point in the process, I got a livePERX card and decided to use the Legal Service to help resolve this mess.  I simply called a 1-800#, explained my issue and they put me in touch with a lawyer.  The lawyer wrote a letter AT NO CHARGE TO ME and I immediately received a response and a full refund from “bad tax guy.”


I called the number and spoke to The Legal Club of America. They were pleasant, quick, professional…directed me to an attorney in my area, and told me to mention them. I called the attorney, and she and I had a 15-minute phone conversation to cover the process. We each filled out a form, sent them to the attorney, and once we had a check in the mail she sent us the wills – I noticed one small error, she immediately fixed and re-sent. The whole process was quick, simple, and enjoyable. I’m glad we used it!